Thunderspire Douchebags

Arrival at Thunderspire Mountain

The Intrepid Meanderthals approach Thunderspire Mountain after an uneventful three days travel. The Mountain is wreathed in perpetual grey clouds giving it a dark an menacing air. A rough but well travelled path leads up to a large entrance opening on to a wide tunnel. The tunnel is lit with many magical ever-burning torches and travels in a straight line to the centre of the mountain for hundreds of feet. Many smaller tunnels branch off from the main path. Down one of these tunnels the Adventurers see light spilling from a half closed door. Guttural voices can be heard speaking common within.

“You’re ours now, halfling. we’ll easily get ten gold for you”

A lighter voice responds “That’s a shame, ‘cause I’m worth twenty. I’ll buy myself if you let me go.”

After a very brief discussion the Adventurers leap into the room to discover a small chamber with barrels stacked to one side. At the end of the room there stands a Hobgoblin in magical looking robes holding a young halfling by the scruff of the neck. The hobgoblin casts the halfling to the ground at the sight of the intruders. Several hobgoblin soldiers stand up from a table in the corner of the room and array themselves for battle. The skirmish is brief but bloody with the adventurers slaughtering the hobgoblins in a matter of minutes.

The halfling is very grateful to the adventurers. “My name is ”/campaign/thunderspiredouche/wikis/Rendil%20Halfmoon/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Rendil Halfmoon. My aunt runs the Halfmoon Inn which is the best inn in the Seven Pillared Hall i’m sure that for saving me she’ll offer you free accomodation."

Upon further questioning by the group Rendil reveals that he had been following the group of hobgoblins as he had suspected them of being up to no good. He discovered that they were members of the Bloodreavers who are a group of slavers that dwell within the Chamber of Eyes. Then they caught him and would have sold him into slavery had the Intrepid Meanderthals not arrived to save the day.

Rendil guides the group to the Seven Pillared Hall and takes them to his aunt’s inn. Erra Halfmoon is overjoyed that you rescued Rendil and offers free accomodation for as long as you are staying in the hall. She also suggests that you go to the Customs House to announce your arrival in the hall as Brugg likes to keep an eye on the comings and goings for the Mages of Saruun. Erra provides a hot meal and then goes about her business.

After eating their fill the Intrepid Meanderthals decide to follow Erra’s advice and make their way to the Customs House. There they are greeted by an Ogre of impressive size. Introducing himself as Brugg he questions the adventurers on their purpose in the Seven Pillared Hall.

Adverse Camber explains that they are here to gather information. “We have been asked to discover all we can about the ancient civilisation that once dwelt within the labyrinth and to recover some kind of artefact for a learned scholar.”

“Well jus’ make sure dat if you buy or sell anyfing den you pay der tax to der Mages. Coz if you dont den dere’ll be trouble. Also if you start fightin or causin trouble den you’ll ’ave me to deal wiv.” Brugg looms threateningly over the adventurers, who seem pretty non-plussed by his threat.

“I think they get the message Brugg. Thank you.” a middle aged man in a black robe enters from the back room. “I am ”/campaign/thunderspiredouche/wikis/Orontor/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Orontor. One of the Mages of Saruun. we don’t have many rules here. don’t disturb the peace within the hall and anything traded in or out is subject to a small tax. other than that I wish you luck in the labyrinth. Maybe we will have work for you in the future, if you prove yourselves capable."

Thus warned the adventurers decide to wander around the hall to see what they can find.



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