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The Chamber Of Eyes

Power gamers at their best

Rendil Halfmoon and Terrlen Darkseeker guide the Intrepid Meanderthals to the entrance of the The Chamber of Eyes.
“We shall wait for you outside as i don’t think it will be safe for the boy in there and he’ll need to be looked after out here” Terrlen states as the party approach the narthex of the CoE.

The party enter a large chamber dominated by a large set of iron double doors, flanked by twin statues with grotesque faces. At the north of the area is a balcony 10 foot above the floor with a smaller door leading into the complex.

The group split into two with Blessed Bryan, Kung Pow and Adverse Camber scaling the wall to the balcony and Stealthily creeping throught the door there whilst Kabuto convinced the ggoblins guarding the main entrance that a group of slavers had arrived with more captives. Once the main Doors were opened the adventurers rushed forward in a surprise attack to crush the goblins in a pincer movement. after a brief tussle thge guards were defeated but unfortunately one of the goblins escaped deeper into the complex.

The adventurers rushed through the northern door leading from the entrance hall following after the escaping goblin. They found themselves in a small room with a fireplace, and some gray skinned dwarves. Giving no thought to negotiation the Dark dwarves were quickly despatched whilst Brian blocked the other corridor with his cloud of darkness to stop any interference from the hobgoblin warcaster that tried to come to their aid. once the cloud dissipated the adventurers were able to engage and destroy the warcaster leaving only one more foe visible in a doorway at the far eastern end of the corridor. Kabuto swiftly ran down the hall kicking the door open and thrusting this enemy into the large fireplace in his quarters. Joined by his team-mates Kabuto proceeded to trap the Hobgoblin Chief in the fire place and kick the Crap out of him.

Upon searching the room they discoverd that this had been Krand, leader of the bloodreavers who had indeed taken the people of riverdown as slaves but had since sold them to Murkelmor Grimmerzhul of the Duergar.


Lot of use those douchbags turned out to be, did we get our money back?

The Chamber Of Eyes

Fortunately no money had passed hands at this point so you’re not out of pocket.

The Chamber Of Eyes

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